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Hops is a Rock/EDM DJ and Producer from New York.  She is known for her unique genre-fused DJ sets and the contagious energy she brings to every performance. Hops' talent was first discovered at Big Dub Festival when she was crowned winner of their DJ Battle in 2021. Since then, she has been performing at music venues and regional music festivals all along the East Coast. Hops' main goal is to continue to create unique music and DJ sets that seamlessly fuse multiple genres together.

Music Venues & Festivals Hops has Played

  • Big Dub Festival 2021/2022, Pennsylvania

  • Lil Dub Festival 2021 & 2022, Pennsylvania

  • Nightmare Festival 2021, Maryland

  • Mercury Lounge, Manhattan, NY

  • The Brooklyn Monarch, Brooklyn, NY

  • The Meadows, Brooklyn, NY

  • Sovereign, Brooklyn, NY

  • Amityville Music Hall, Long Island, NY

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